Lace Up Sweater/ Sweatshirt!

I came up with this idea because I was thinking about the weather outside being hot and how my sweatshirt is black and too warm to wear outside now. I decided to come up with an idea that will work in the chilly weather and also in the warmer weather. This lace up sweater/ sweatshirt will work in the chilly weather by being able to lacing the front up. 
If it is warm out all you have to do is loosen the laces/string/yarn or whatever you use as the laces. 

Who wouldn't want a stylish sweater/sweatshirt that is cozy and cool.

I know my drawing may not look very beautiful but it gets the point across.

It had dropped out shoulders, a hood, 6 buttonholes in the front to use as lace holes, and half to 3/4 sleeves.
Also it has the Betabrand logo on the back of the sweater/sweatshirt.

Step 1: Video of the Sketchbook Pro Process! LINK

This is the video link for my process of creating the drawing.



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