Laced Linen Earring

Introduction: Laced Linen Earring

Step 1: Loop Linen Around Hammered Ring

Tie one length of linen to a hammer disc, leaving a 1 inch tail on one end of the linen. Loop the linen around and back through itself as shown. Pull linen snugly so that a small loop is created in the linen. Repeat this technique, looping the linen through itself to create stitches around the outside of the hammered disc. Keep the stitches evenly spaced. Tie ends of linen together and knot securely. Trim ends.

Step 2: Attach Bead

Use your chain nose pliers to open the a square jump ring. Thread the jump ring through the rhombus bead and loop it around the stitched disc. Close the jump ring.

Step 3: Attach Ear Wire

Attach the simple ear loop to the stitched disc using the 5 mm jump ring and a square jump ring. Repeat steps 1-3 to make the other earring.

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