Lack of Printer Space Solved

Trying to reclaim a bit of space in the laminated surroundings ;-)

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Step 1: Epson L850 Does Not Fit

As you can see the printer does not fit into the 534mm wide cabinet space. Because it needs 542mm.

Step 2: Reclaiming the Space Lost :-)

With a drill, a rasp, a car body file, a wooden hand plane and an exacto knife, pocket 9mm deep was carved in the laminated furniture board. Bevel at the top was added to provide extra toner box upper hatch space. Edges were cut precisely with the exacto knife to get the looks delivered in the course of TLC. Then the ready artsy piece was painted with polyurethane varnish. Three layers in total.

Step 3: EPSON L850 Proudly Sitting in Its New Home. Poor Photo Quality Though :)

The printer now snugly fits into the office space. The power cord and USB cable are attached from the backside so no accessibility issues are involved. The constant feed toner box can be opened without removal.

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