Lactose-free Strawberry Pancakes



Introduction: Lactose-free Strawberry Pancakes

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Step 1: Ingredients:

Strawberries : 10

Eggs : 2

Salt : 5 grams

Sugar : 1/4 cup

Almond meal : 1 cup

Lactose-free milk : 1/2 cup

Flour : 1 cup

Baking powder : 5 grams

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Step 2: Crush the Strawberries Into a Smooth Paste.

Step 3: Add the Eggs (There Are Actually Two Eggs in the Picture, One of Them Had Twins, That Is It Had 2 Yolks).

Step 4: Add Salt and Sugar.

Step 5: Whisk Well With a Fork.

Step 6: Add the Almond Meal and Whisk.

Step 7: Add Milk and Whisk.

Step 8: Add the Flour and Baking Powder and Whisk So That No Lumps Remain.

Step 9: Heat a Non-stick (Teflon Coated) Pan. Pour About 1/2 Cup of Batter on It.

Step 10: When Small Bubbles Appear on the Sides and the Surface (see the Picture) Then It Is Time to Turn the Sides.

Step 11: Insert a Pointed Spatula Underneath Slowly to Separate the Sides of the Pancake and Then Flip It Over.

Step 12: Press Lightly on the Pancake and Cook for About a Minute.

Step 13: Remove Them and Stack One on Top of the Other.

I garnished them with raspberries and organic mountain honey.

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