Ladder Rainbow Loom




Introduction: Ladder Rainbow Loom

This is one of the first bracelets I learned on my loom. Amounts may differ on different looms.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
26 band for outside
20 bands for ladder
12 for middle
Depending on wrist size bands

Step 2: Frame

Grab your loom. Make sure the arrows are facing away from you, if you don't have arrows, make sure the open part is facing away from you. Take the color, you want, for the outside and place it from the first middle peg to the first peg on the left. Start placing the bands from peg to peg going up the loom. When you get to the second to last peg on the left, place a band from that peg to the top middle peg. Go back to the beginning and do the same to the right side.

Step 3: Ladder 1

The open part of the loom should be facing away from you. Skip the first pegs, one closest to the V made by the bands, and start putting lines (made by rubber bands) from one side of the loom to the other. Do this until you reach the upside down V. You should have a pentagon (five sides shape) at the top and bottom of the loom.

Step 4: Middle

Your loom should still have the arrows or open side facing away from you. From the place you started, start placing bands up the middle of the loom. Do this until you reach the end.

Step 5: Capping

Turn you loom around. Your arrows and open side should be facing towards you. Make an infinity sign with a band on your fingers. Place one side over the other. When done with that put it on the first middle peg facing you.

Step 6: Looming 1

Grab your hook. Using your hook, bring forward the that came from the middle (supposed to be same color as cap). DO NOT grab the capping band. Star taking the same color from everyone (unless you did rainbow, grab that one) and bringing it to the peg it came from. You should have a teardrop shape.

Step 7: Ladder 2

Take the color you had for your previous ladder pegs and add another one on top of it.

Step 8: Looming 2

Step 9: Extending 1

Your looms arrows or open part should now be facing away from you. Go under all the bands (using you hook) and put the color you want to extend with. Usually best to use color you used in the middle. Pull that color through (try doubling it).

Step 10: Clip 1

I like to clip this part of the extension. That way it is easier to take off.

Step 11: Coming Off

Start pulling off the loom. Don't worry about the other side, it will be fine.

Step 12: Extending 2

From the random circle at the end, start extending. I like to do a fishtail, but you could make a chain.

Step 13: Clip 2

Clip the other side on, when you have finished extending.

Step 14: Tada : )

Tada : ) now you have a beautiful new ladder bracelet. You can give it to someone or show it off. Either way, enjoy your bracelet.

Step 15: Thanks

Thanks for looking at my Instructable. Please comment, favorite, share, and vote for me.

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