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Introduction: Ladder Toss Game

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I was looking threw my local flyer and i seen this game, so i decided to make it for my kids yes im a little frugal. i made mine small because i didn't have that much pvc pipe laying around but you can twig the dimensions to make it bigger

Tool you need


-Saw or pipe cutter



-6 elbow connector

-6 T connector

-5 pvc pipe cut 2 ft ea

-4 pvc pipe cut 1 ft ea

-4 pvc pipe cut 9 inch ea

-2 pvc pipe cut 5 inch ea

tennis or golf balls

string or rope( not in picture)

drill with drill bit( not in picture)

Step 1: Ladder and Base

For ladder- Take your (x3) 2 ft, (x4) 9inch, (x2) 5 inch pvc pipe.(x4) T and (x2) elbow connector. assemble as shown above

For Base-Take your(x2) 2 ft and (x4)1 ft pvc pipe your 2 T and 4 elbow connector. assemble as shown above

Step 2: Assemble

place the base on the floor and add the ladder on top.

take your tennis balls or golf balls and make a hole through, add the rope or string.

hope you can enjoy it and have fun make your own rules

p.s this is my first instructable



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    Nicely done and for a fraction of the price of buying the actual game!

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