Ladder Toss

Introduction: Ladder Toss

The designed object is a do-it-yourself ladder toss yard game, made out of PVC pipes. The instructions provide enough materials to make both sets of ladders, and are written as if you were making both sets at the same time.

Important: You can paint the pipes and/or weights if you want. However, t is recommended that you paint the desired sections before you put the set together permanently. The set can be put together without glue, and the parts that want to be painted can be removed and painted, then replaced.

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Step 1: Gathering Materials

Get materials from Home Depot or any other hardware store and/or sports store for the weights. These materials include:

1. 40 feet of PVC pipe, preferably ¾”, can be purchased from home depot as 4 10-foot poles and cut into 10 2-foot sections and 20 1-foot sections (20 feet in total for each section)

2. 12 90 degree ‘elbow’ pieces and 12 T-shaped ‘tee’ pieces, same dimensions as your piping (again, ¾” preferred)

3. 2 10-foot segments of string, preferably different colors to differentiate teams (to make 6 total bolas with tennis balls took about 8 feet with a bit left over, 10 is so that you have plenty of extra)

  1. Note: Nylon rope is recommended, because it can be burned at the ends, making the knots stay better

4. 12 weights, usually golf balls

  1. Note: In this example, tennis balls were used as weights, and only two bolas were made, so only 4 balls and 40” of string were used

5. PVC glue (optional, glue at all of the joints. For portability, do not use glue in the Putting the Ladder on the Base section so that the ladder can be removed from the base, making the set easier to transport.)

6. Drill and/or hole puncher (not paper one, looks like a sharpened chisel)

Step 2: Constructing the Bases

Construct the base of each set. Each base will require:

  • 4 Elbows
  • 2 Tees
  • 4 1-foot segments of PVC pipe 2
  • 2-foot segments of PVC pipe

For both bases, that is:

  • 8 elbows
  • 4 tees
  • 8 1-foot segments of PVC pipe
  • 4 2-foot segments of PVC pipe

Step 3: Put a 1-foot Section in Both of the Straight Ends of the Four Tees

It should look like a straight line, and there should be four poles in total (see photo).

Step 4: Put Elbows on All of the Ends of the 1-foot Sections

The elbows should all be facing in the same direction. They should be parallel to the ground, with the hole of the tee facing up (see photo).

Step 5: Put a 2-foot Section in the Elbows of Half of the Poles

In other words, put the 2-foot sections in both of the elbow joints in two of the poles, so that only two of the four poles have two 2-foot sections in both of the elbows (see photo).

Step 6: Attach Each of the Two Poles With the 2-foot Sections to Each of the Two Poles Without the 2-foot Sections at the Elbow Joints, Using the 2-foot Sections.

The end product should be 2 rectangles which will act as the bases to your ladder toss game.

Step 7: Constructing the Ladders

Construct the ladder of each set. Each ladder will require:

  • 2 Elbows
  • 4 Tees
  • 6 1-foot sections
  • 3 2-foot sections

For both ladders, that is:

  • 4 Elbows
  • 8 Tees
  • 12 1-foot sections
  • 6 2-foot sections

Step 8: Take Four of the 2-foot Sections and Put a Tee on Both Sides

The sides of the two tees should be parallel; the side that goes on the 2-foot section is the odd side (the 90 degree side).

Step 9: Take 2 More 2 Foot Sections and Put an Elbow on Both Sides

These are not the same poles you created in the last step. The elbows should face in the same direction.

Step 10: ​Connect the 2-foot Sections With 1-foot Sections

Sections should go;

  1. In all of the elbows (4 sections)
  2. Connect the 1-foot sections coming from the elbows into both tees on one of the 2-foot sections with tees.
  3. Put 1-foot sections in the last side of the tees (4 sections)
  4. Connect the 1-foot sections into both tees on another one of the 2-foot sections with tees.
  5. Put 1-foot section in the last side of these tees as well

The pictures are in order 1-5 for the steps. After completing this step, you should have two ladders that have three 2-foot section rungs.

Step 11: Putting the Ladder on the Base

  1. Put both of the bases down on the ground so that the odd side of the tee is facing up
  2. Put the last unconnected 1-foot sections on the bottom of the ladders into both of the tees on each base

Step 12: Making the Bolas

The bolas are the throwing objects in the game, which consists of two weights (in this case, tennis balls) attached by a string.

Step 13: Drill or Punch a Hole Through All of Your Weights

CAUTION: Wear proper safety equipment while using tools. Be aware that the ball may slip through the clamp, so always be alert while operating a drill or puncher.

Step 14: Tie a Knot at the End of Your String

Step 15: Push the Unknotted Side of the String Through the Ball

I attached the string to the puncher and pushed it through, then pulled out the side without the knot.

Step 16: Tie a Second Knot on the Other Side of the Ball

Step 17: Tie a Third Knot 12 Inches Further Up on the String

This part of the rope will be the part that wraps around the ladder when you throw the bolas.

Step 18: Place Another Weight on the String and Tie the Fourth and Last Knot

Step 19: Repeat Steps 14-18 Until Desired Number of Bolas Is Reached

Step 20: Tada!

Congratulations! You have successfully created a Ladder Toss yard game!

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    3 years ago

    Looks fun and easy to put together! :)