Ladder Loom Bracelet

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Please comment and tell me if you can't make it.

Step 1: Ladder Bracelet

This is an intermidiate bracelet so practice makes perfect.

Step 2: Materials

- A loom

-Loom Bands

-A crochet hook

-A C,S or O clip

Step 3: Setting Up Our Loom

To start make sure your red arrow is pointing away from you.

Step 4: Placing Our Borders

See pictures from last to first

Step 5: Placing Our Other Bands

see pictures from last to first

Step 6: Loom the Middle Row

Turn the loom around and put a capping band on the first peg.

Then loom the middle row

Please see pictures from last to first

Step 7: Add Another Layer

Add another layer of the dark blue and blue bands.

Step 8: Looming the Borders

Step 9: Take Off the Bracelet

Put our crochet hook through all of the bands and take off the bracelet.

Step 10: Extension

Make an extension and attach both ends to a S,C or O clip.

Step 11: DONE!

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    2 years ago

    What's an O clip?