Ladder- Re-purposed With a Few Zip Ties




Introduction: Ladder- Re-purposed With a Few Zip Ties

About: I'm an artist, environmentalist, animal lover, gardener, recycling nut, a high school teacher, crafter, Mom, Christian and widow who reads a lot in between figuring out how to do things.

Ladder: Made this into a plant stand, and trellis for vines. 

Got the ladder for free from freecycle. It isn't sturdy enough for people use, but perfect for plant use.

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Step 1: Splatters and Splinters

Basically I added some green paint to  this ladder I got for free to make it blend in better with the landscape, but left some of the paint splatters showing because I liked it that way. I put a plastic screen on one side so that vines could grow up either the steps or the wire side.

The flip down stand for putting your paint cans and stuff was rotten and I pulled that off, but wanted to still have that stand. I got an old board that I'd saved from ripping out the bathroom cabinets and took the nails out- marked where the rails were and drilled holes so that I could lace up the board with some zip ties. I didn't think the wood would take new nails or screws without splintering, so the zip ties were a perfect solution.

Step 2:

Then I added some tent stakes to the bottom so that when it is windy the ladder doesn't tip over. (I'd had it in the garden originally and it kept blowing over, so I knew I needed to secure it somehow.) I attached the tent stakes with some zip ties figuring I'd want to move this ladder around- maybe next summer I'll use it under my cucumbers? So I can cut the zip ties or reuse the zip ties and then pull up the ladder and then get up the stakes.

And a second reason is that this ladder is next to my neighbors fence. They just moved in and I can't claim their fence with my vines. So if I grow the vines on my ladder instead of their fence- if they like the vines, I can grow them next year on their fence!

Step 3:

I'm going to put some morning glories in a planter at the bottom of the ladder. I'm going to paint it with my faux metal technique. And I did paint it- as evidenced here.  But the plants I'll have to show you later.  But with the ladder in place and with the vine screen ready for vines to twine- it is only a matter of time before this ladder is beautifully encased in vines and plants. Thank you zip ties. I love to use you in many ways.

And by the way, this is one of the many things I re-purpose. I'm working on an instructable about the re-purposed life that is my philosophy.

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    2 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I did something similar a few years ago, I didn't use a hanging basket though, which I think is a great idea.
    What I did extra was I added a few bits of scrap wood that I had from a previous project to the steps, thus making them deeper, and I used them as shelves for small potted plants.

    Well done, I like re-purposing as well and people who are into it ... my wife thinks otherwise, but that's a different story :-)



    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I was originally going to add wood for the steps, but decided to use it for a vertical surface instead.

    My husband just rolls his eyes when he sees me bring home stuff, but as long as I USE it but not just put it into the garage to "save", he's OK! There is a fine line between junk collecting, re-purposing and hoarding.