Ladies Only! Box

Introduction: Ladies Only! Box

About: "Plug your ears with wax, my boy, and lash yourself to the mast!" This is not for You.

Behold! This is a piece of feminine paraphernalia you never knew you needed! And it is for, well, containing your feminine paraphernalia-- conveniently toilet-side. Aaaaand-- aaaaand-- it's sooo super cute!

Here are all the reasons you NEED (or perhaps may desire) a Ladies Only! Box:

-No longer awkwardly rummage under the sink at the worst possible time.
-Convenient for unexpected emergencies.
-Convenient for any female guest's unexpected emergencies
-Prettier and more discreet than an over-the-toilet assortment box

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Step 1: What You'll Need..


-A small, thin box large enough to accommodate your lady hygiene products of choice
-Cork-board drawer liner
- Decorative drawer liner or wrapping paper (not pictured on this page)
-Strong and waterproof glue (I used outdoor glue)
-A ruler
-Sharp scissors
-Mounting tape (or other mounting device such as screws, nails, duct tape, etc.)


-Ribbon for decoration
-Satin lining for decoration
-Permanent marker
-X-acto knife

Step 2: Cork It Up!

I heard you laughing.

But seriously, line that box with the cork-board drawer liner.
  1. Carefully deconstruct the box so that the entire inside is exposed.
  2. Take measurements so you know the dimensions of each side of the box.
  3. Cut pieces of the cork-board drawer liner corresponding to the measurements of each side of the box.
  4. Remove the adhesive backing and apply.
  5. Reconstruct that box and use glue where necessary to hold it together!
  6. See pictures for further details.

Step 3: Wrap It Up!

I wrapped the box with super pretty drawer liner. It had adhesive on one side, which made the wrapping process, like, sooooo much easier. This is where the X-acto knife, should you choose to use it, will come in handy. I cut a small window where the clear plastic on the box is so the cork would show through. This is purely for decorative purposes, so you can skip this step if you want to avoid the trouble.

TIP: Where the drawer liner won't stay, you will have to use glue for extra adhesion. If you use wrapping paper or fabric, you will have to use a lot of paste.

Step 4: Embellish With Ribbons and Bows

This is the feminine kind of ladies box. Feel free to line yours with duct tape and razor blades if you're the Duchess of Bad*ssery-- land of the mega awesome. (Post pictures of your version, please).

I lined the inside with satin and added bows. I know-- toooootally lame-- right? Well anyway, this part required a lot of hot glue and trial and error. I don't even think I could explain how NOT WORTH IT the satin lining was. It turned out luxurious, no? The Ladies Only! Box demands a certain amount of luxury, after all.

Step 5: Mount It!

Now you have to wall mount your beautiful and functional creation!
  1. Apply two or three strips of mounting tape to the back.
  2. If the mounting tape won't stick, like mine didn't, use an X-acto knife or box cutter to cut away two patches of the drawer liner in the back. Then add the mounting tape.
  3. Mount the Ladies Only! Box on any wall or cabinet space that provides easy access from a toilet-sitting position.

Step 6: Stock It!

For maximum functionality, stock up your Ladies Only! Box with your favorite feminine hygiene products.

That's it!

Congratulations. You will never have to awkwardly rummage through your cabinets again! All the toilet-side convenience you need, with all the chicness you deserve.

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    Miss Misery

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    Thanks! I was glad to have finally done something with that paper. I've been toting it around for years!