Lady GaGa Bubbles

Intro: Lady GaGa Bubbles

I love the Lady GaGa bubbles costume that she wore in San Diego at The House of Blues, and knew I had to make one just like it!  This bubble costume looks like it would be revealing, but the bodysuit underneath keeps everything covered, so you can look very daring while still feeling modest.

This Lady GaGa costume is super easy to make, and only requires a few supplies, so let's get started!

Photography by Culturespy.  Modeled by carleyy.  Special thanks to frenzy.  And yes, that's the Instructables HQ rooftop! 

Step 1: Inspiration

There aren't too many pictures of this costume, so I'm not sure how often it was worn.  But it's definitely one of my favorites!

Step 2: Procure Supplies

I bought my bubbles on ebay, but got seriously ripped off on the shipping.  For this reason, I suggest going through Amazon or a similar retailer.   What you're looking for is called a "clear plastic ball ornament."  I got this many:
  • Six 140mm "Clear Plastic Ball fillable Ornament favor"
  • Twelve 100mm
  • Twelve 80mm
  • Twelve 70mm
  • Twelve 60mm
That covered the front of the suit.  If you want to go all out with this one, I recommend doubling that! 

You'll also need:

Step 3: Prepare the Suit

Firstly I put a zipper in the back of the leotard.  It was essential to getting the costume on and off.

Secondly, I started pinning the ornaments to the suit using safety pins.  Carley was patient enough to sit still for all of this.  I started with the largest ornaments and worked my way down from there. 

It helped to have some tape on hand to keep the "bubbles" propped up in the positions I wanted them to be in.  The only caution I have for you is to tape them loosely, or you may not realize you've tweaked them too much in one direction until after you've sewn them down and they start to pop open on you.

If you really want the suit to be comfortable, you'll need to have your model move around in it a lot so you can see where she needs to flex and compress, and rearrange the ornaments accordingly.

Step 4: Sewing Bubbles

Now it's time to secure everything in place.

I sewed through the ornaments where they had been pinned to the suit.  

Next, I hot glued the ornaments around the seal to fix them shut.  I also glued some of the ornaments on top of others for more depth.

Step 5: Time to Play!

Now that you have yourself a bubble costume, it's time to go play!  Still have a few more days before the costume party?  Find an interesting backdrop, and have yourself a photoshoot!



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