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Introduction: Lady Gaga Body Suits

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Lady Gaga's outfits are as talked about as her music.  The body suit is the basic element to many of her costumes.  The best part is it's super easy to make your own body suit!

This Halloween, instead of purchasing a bodysuit for $50 make one for less than $10.

Use your body suit with a cowl hood or shoulder sculpture to get the completed Lady Gaga look.

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Step 1: Inspiration

You can see that the bodysuit is the base of many of Lady Gaga's costumes.

Step 2: Materials

2 yds Fabric - I used lycra.  Stick with stretchy fabrics.
Sewing Machine
Pattern Paper - you can use any type of paper for this, newspaper, packaging paper.....

Step 3: Making the Pattern

I used a one piece bathing suit to make the pattern for the body suits.  You could also use a tank top and a pair of underwear.  

Lay the bathing suit flat on the pattern paper.  Pin the suit to the paper and trace it.  Make sure the tracing is symmetric.  

Decide where you want the neck line to fall and measure on your body from that spot to your crotch.  Make sure this matches the pattern.  Take into account a small amount of stretching in the vertical direction will occur when you put on the bodysuit.

Step 4: Altering the Pattern

Lady Gaga has a variety of bodysuit styles.  If you want to make a one shoulder or strapless bodysuit start by making the basic two shoulder bodysuit pattern and adjust from there.

Step 5: Sewing the Body Suit

Cutting Pattern Pieces - You will have two pieces for this garment, they will both be cut outs of the pattern you made in the first step.

1.  Pin the pattern to the fabric.  Make sure the fabric is stretching horizontally along the pattern (across your body)
2. Cut out the pattern leaving 1cm border for seams

1. Pin the two cutouts together.  My fabric was the same on both sides so it didn't matter how I pinned them.  But if you use a fabric that has a top side and underside, the underside should be facing out.
2. Using a zig-zag stitch sew the edges of the garment together.  Make sure not to sew the arm holes, leg, holes, and neck.
3. Turn inside out and try it on!

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