Ladybug Special Cigar Box Guitar



Introduction: Ladybug Special Cigar Box Guitar

This guitar was fun to make! I decided to stay with the six string version since it is one that I already know how to play. I added my frog logo on the back and also decopodged a variety of cigar bands on the back. I also experimented with the sound holes on the front. Instead of the 'f' note holes I designed a 'bowtie' design. I painted the inside of the box red so it would show well from the front. This is the first time I used in line tuning keys also. In the past I would buy the individual tuning keys because I would be making either a 3 or 4 string guitar. I also shortened the length of the tail piece at the base of the guitar. The neck is made from 3 x 1 red oak which I cut down to create the head and used 1/2 x 2-1/2 cedar for the neck overlay which eliminates the excess gapping between the neck and strings. To cut the notches for the neck I use a Dremel Multi-Tool. This gives me a smooth, exact precision in cutting. It is a very light weight guitar with a mellow sound so I used acoustical strings to add to the richness of the sound.

I cannot decide which I like the best...making these or playing them! 

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