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Waiting for a good news and being hungry?... here's how to solve the problem feeling lucky! ;-)
Here a fast, cute and tasty snack to wish someone good luck!

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Step 1: Ingredients

Before to start, be sure to have with you at least one of those things:

  • love;
  • patience;
  • a great companion (it's always one of the best mine is my friend Elisabetta! :D);

Anyway, what we need is:

  • cherry tomatoes;
  • black olives;
  • tuma pate;
  • balsamic vinegar cream;
  • sandwich bread;

...let's start!

Step 2: Make the Base

  1. Cut little squares from the sandwich bread (3 cm per side, circa);
  2. Put a tuma pate diagonal on it;
  3. Cut a black olive in 2 or 4 parts and place it on a corner of the square;

    ...this will be the body and the head of our little friend!

Step 3: Let Her Fly!

  1. Cut a cherry tomato in 4 parts;
  2. Put 2 of those on the little square, as shown in the picture;
  3. Draw the black points on the wings with the balsamic vinegar cream; she's ready to fly and bring you back the great news you were waiting for! ;-)

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