Lahmacun ( Like Pizza )





Introduction: Lahmacun ( Like Pizza )

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This food is like pizza but more delicious :)

Dough ingredients : 
1- Flour
2- Water
3- Ferment

Other ingredients :
1- Mincedbeef - half kilo
2- Tomato paste 
3- Parsley - one cluster
4- Onion - one or two
5- Garlic - a few clove
6- Grated Tomato
8- Vegetable oil
7- Spicies : thyme, black pepper, cumin, hot pepper
8- Salt

Blend them all  ingredients in food processor than put two spoonfull blended ingredients on rolled out dough...



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    3 Discussions

    Great instructable, I felt very hungry I'll go out and find a place eat a couple.

    With pleasure, actually cooking process not so long its about takes 2 or 3 minutes if owen temprature enough