Lalaloopsy Yourself Halloween Photo Edit

Introduction: Lalaloopsy Yourself Halloween Photo Edit

In honor of Halloween, this is an easy photo edit to transform anyone into a creepy, button-eyed Lalaloopsy doll. I'm using Photofiltre, a free image editing tool available at

Step 1: Choose and Crop Your Photo

The first step is to choose a photo. Forward facing, closed mouth photos work best. Using the Lasso tool, outline the face in your photo and crop it. Right click on the cropped photo to adjust the Canvas size in order to give yourself room to add the hair. I sized mine to 8x10".

Step 2: Add Button Eyes

The next step is to copy the button images and paste them over the eyes in your photo. To do this, right click on the eye image and select Copy. Right click on your photo and select Paste. Right click on the pasted eye and select Paste options. Check the Transparency box and set the Tolerance to 20. Size the eye image to fit by dragging the corners of the box inward. Once you have the correct size and position, right click on it and Validate paste. Repeat for the other eye. If you'd like a doll without button eyes, skip this step.

Step 3: Adding Hair

In this step, we'll add Lalaloopsy's signature hair using the same copy and paste method we used for the eyes. Be sure to drag the edges of the box to fit the hair properly to the face. If needed, you can click on the hair image to get access to the original which is much larger. 

Step 4: Add a Stitched Mouth

To add the stitched mouth, select the color black from your color palette. Click on the Line tool and set the Width. I set mine to 2, but it will depend on the size of your picture. Follow the outline of the mouth to add a dashed line.

Step 5: Attach Head to Body

Lastly, using the same copy and paste method, attach the head to the body. Be sure to drag the edges of the box until the head is the correct size and shape. 

Step 6: It Gets Even Creepier

To make this photo edit even creepier, I decided to make my Catieloopsy black and white with glowing eyes. Then I pasted her into some creepy backgrounds. Hover over each picture for the steps to achieve each look. Enjoy Lalaloopsying yourself and others!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Could you add a link to the free image editing tool?



    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It's I'll add it to the instructable too. Thanks!