Lamb Salad




Introduction: Lamb Salad

Cut up some bell peppers, sprinkle over olive and oil and let them soften in the oven.

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Step 1:

Dice some lamb and heat in a pan with pepper and whatever seasoning you prefer, mine is vegetable stock.
Let this cook to your desire.

Step 2:

Whilst you have potatoes boiling, grind up some pine nuts and anchovies for the sauce.

Step 3:

Layer all together and sprinkle over the sauce.

To summarise:

I made this salad for my Mum on Mothers Day, and it’s very simple. I used spinach for the salad and parsely, anchovies and pine nuts for the cream. The bells peppers and potatoes were seasoned and sprinkled with lemon juice, whilst I made the lamb medium well

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