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Introduction: Lamborghini Aventador - Paper-Super-Craft

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The chase is on in this papercrafted hot pursuit, inspired by one of my all time favorite super-cars and video games, the Lamborghini Aventador and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. This ferocious duo, the Aventador Interceptor (40 pages) and Racer (39 pages), go head-to-head in the pavement blazing Hot Pursuit Pack, with an optional Performance Wing for added oreganamic action. Measuring at 30”(76cm) long, these paper-super-crafts are ready to start a pursuit in any part of the world!



Printed kits are manufactured by my local Alpha Graphics print shop. Templates are printed on premium matte finish cardstock paper using high-end digital printers, with instructional booklets included, all packaged individually into protective plastic for shipping.

Buy Aventador Hot Pursuit Pack - PDF
Buy Aventador Hot Pursuit Pack- PDO
Buy Aventador Hot Pursuit Pack - PRINTED


Buy Aventador Interceptor - PDF
Buy Aventador Interceptor - PDO
Buy Aventador Interceptor - PRINTED


Buy Aventador Racer - PDF
Buy Aventador Racer - PDO
Buy Aventador Racer - PRINTED


Buy Aventador Performance Wing - PDF
Buy Aventador Performance Wing - PDO
Buy Aventador Performance Wing - PRINTED


PDF files require the latest version of Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader.
PDO files require the latest version of Pepakura Viewer.


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    15 Discussions

    I worked hard on One:1 with getting 12 days to get done.

    Its 96% done.

    Can't really answer that. You can get it done in two days or two months, depending how hard you want to work.

    And plz build me Huracan Performante like this.


    visualspicer, Can you build me aventador ghost?

    David is boring, print sample kit without buying it.

    Hi VisualSpicer! Could you take a lambo Veneno request? It would be awesome if you did. Thanks!

    I love it and I'm about to buy them but, do we print them onto colored card stock or do we print them onto normal card stock?

    1 reply