Laminate Your Laptop Labels




Laminate and protect your laptop serial number and operating system license labels. 

You will get higher resale value at trade-in if the labels are in good shape.

And let's face it, the bottom of a laptop is not the best place to protect these valuable stickers.

Depending on your operating system, sneaky devils might be able to snap a photo of your product key and use it or sell it - a possible hassle for you.

(Note these numbers and barcodes were changed and then pixelized before posting to this I'ble to protect innocent readers from becoming corrupted.)

Step 1: Plastic Covers

Cut rectangular covers from a food container.

Round the corners so the covers will not poke through the tape you're going to put over them.

Step 2: Yer Covered

Use regular or colored duct tape over the plastic to hide your Windows product key.

In this photo, the label is laminated with clear tape, just to show how it works.



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