Laminated Leaves for Fall Crafts. No Laminator Needed



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I would like to share my fall crafts and complete tutorial how to preserve nice fallen leaves for a long time.

The method I use is laminating. Actually all what you need to laminate leaves are

- of course leaves (they should be dried before laminating I show a quick way to dry them);

- laminating pouches which are easy to buy in a stationary shop;

- an iron.

And here are my 5 Fall craft ideas with laminated leaves - a garland, gift box decoration, gift tags, bookmarks and a Halloween card (or you can make a Thanksgiving day card or any other you like).

My 5 minute video with all tips and ideas:

Step 1: Quick Way to Dry Fallen Leaves (use an Iron)

Of course, you can dry leaves using a traditional method - a book but it takes a week to dry the leaves this way. I usually use my favorite quick method. The layers are a copy paper, a napkin, a fresh fallen leaf, a napkin, a copy paper and iron above these layers. Use medium heat and iron both sides untill a leaf is completely dry. For a big thick leaf it takes about 8 minutes. Small, thin leaves can get completely dry after 5 minutes. You may dry several leaves at one go.

Step 2: Laminating With an Iron

If you have a laminator, it's great. If not, no problem at all. Just insert your dried leaves into a thin laminating pouch, put a copy paper above and iron at medium heat. The leaves will be laminated this way.

Step 3: Cut Around the Laminated Leaves Leaving a Small Border Around

It's necessary to leave a border, it will keep the leaves completely sealed. If the leaves are thick, a border should be bigger.

Step 4: You Can Make Lots of Fall Crafts Using Laminated Leaves. for Example, a Nice Nature Bookmark

Step 5: Here Are My 5 Crafts All Together

A quick tutorial for each craft is given in the video.

I hope you like the idea to laminate leaves and try it one day.

Welcome to check my Youtube channel for more DIY ideas and tutorials.



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