Lamp and Lighting




Enjoy this beautiful , easy to make lamp

Step 1: Materials

All you need is a sharp knife , a cotton wig and few broomsticks.

With the broomstick,

Cut into small pieces of about 5 cm each .

Peel off the upper layer so that you get the inner soft wood and outer cover.

Step 2: Arranging

Now take the thin splinters and form a weaved mesh as shown.

Now take the soft part as shown and pierce the splinters through it

Step 3: Making

do as shown in the photos.

Step 4: Cotton Wig in Place

after arranging the three sides , before putting the fourth one , put the cotton wig in place and the place the fourth piece of the stick.

Step 5: Display It

Take a bowl filled with water till half its brim, add oil to it(any burning oil , olive , mustard , etc) so that the layer of oil is around 1cm thick .

You can use thermocole balls also.

Place the lamp on the layer of oil and burn it :)

Switch off your lights and place it on a table , and enjoy an amazing lamp lit dinner :))



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    4 years ago

    Vey cool 'ible. I think I'll try this.
    What is mustard oil?

    1 reply