Lamp Change on Sony VVega 42" TV

Introduction: Lamp Change on Sony VVega 42" TV

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Recently my TV stopped working. As most of you know, these rear projection TVs take a specialized lamp called Metal Halide. Not only is the lamp specialized, but the housing it comes in is usually proprietary as well.

I ordered the lamp from a company called Advanced Lamps.

In order to make sure I received the right replacement, I moved the TV and found the actual part number for my unit KF-42WE610.

When the lamp showed up, I had a hard time finding clear instructions for the swap. For this reason, I took lots of pictures to help everyone else out that may have a similar model TV.

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Step 1: Around Back

Un-Plug the TV.

Wait at least 30 minutes if the lamp was just on.

Find a thumb screw and loosen it all the way. Next find its match on the other side of the TV and do the same. It is a fine thread so there will be lots of twists.

Step 2: Pulling the Cover

This cover fits very tight. Pull from the bottom and slightly down as you pull toward yourself. You can see the separation where I put the arrow. When the portion nearest the edge is partially released, there will still be a lot of tension from the push fit button located where I put the yellow circle. Next repeat on the other side.

When both sides are loose, the center will still be hanging on. Gently put a hand up from the bottom and pop the last button located just about 1 inch to the side of the power button.

Step 3: The Lamp Cover Door

With the cover out of the way you can find the thumb screw on the lamp cover door.

This is about where the instructions I found on the lamp sites pick up. All though the images were too small or they were line drawings and did not depict the front or back of the TV. : ) Nice...

Anyway, loosen the thumb screw and remove the cover door.

Step 4: Remove the Burned Out Lamp

Use an Allen wrench or Phillips screwdriver as appropriate for the lamp removal. My original used an Allen where the replacement used Phillips and the screws were pre-set into the housing.

When the screws are loose, the lamp housing pulls straight out. It fits snuggly on positioning posts and will require a little effort to remove it. Be firm but gentle.

Step 5: Remove and Clean

After pulling the lamp housing out, I noticed that there is a diffuser the lamp points directly at. This diffuser had a nice V pattern of soot or micro fine dust on it.

You are not supposed to touch any of the optics in the unit. However, if I put a new lamp in and let it blast through that garbage my picture and brightness will suffer. I figured that I was better off taking a chance with a dry micro fiber cloth and rubbing it clean ever so gently. This was a good choice. It cleaned up beautifully and I have no odd anomalies on the picture.

Consider this your warning. This may void your warranty if you touch that lens, so consider it carefully.

Step 6: Insert New Lamp

Push the new lamp gently into position and then firmly seat it onto the guide posts and electrical connectors with a good firm push. Not too hard.

Now, tighten the screws. Down firm, but not tight. These screws just keep everything from wiggling, they do not hold a 200lb mirror on the wall.

Step 7: Replace the Lamp Housing Cover

We are reversing the process here, so just follow along.

Place the cover and tighten the thumb screw.

Step 8: Align the Main Cover

This photo is to give you an idea of alignment for the front cover. I found that rolling it up into position gave me the least fight.

Step 9: Give Them a Bump

Use a palm or a fist to gently bump the cover where the buttons hold it to the rest of the TV. Make a mental note of the positions as you raise it to position.

One of the bumps will be at the yellow circle and another at the center just to the side of the power button.

Step 10: Re-Visit the Thumb Screws Around Back

Snug these up.

Step 11: You Are Done!

Plug it back in, turn it around or whatever and turn it on!

Don't forget to re-adjust your picture settings, as you probably compensated over time and did not realize how much.

I hope this is helpful.


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    10 Discussions


    3 years ago

    thank you. VERY helpful.


    4 years ago

    Mine is showing blue specks all over the screen. Would this be the bulb?


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry to have to tell you this, but no, this is one of the LCD display elements failing. My TV eventually died of that very symptom. Some of the models, the LCD element can be changed, but at the time mine died it was cheaper to visit COSTCO or SAMS and get a new one.

    On this TV, the bulb (which this instructable explains how to change), shines through a prism with a separate LCD for each of the three primary colors. The image is then reflected back together onto the back of the display surface. This is part of the reason this TV has such nice true image quality. However, what you are seeing with the blue specks is pixels on the blue LCD are stuck open and are no longer blocking light when they should. This really sucks and again, I'm sorry to hear your having this issue.


    7 years ago on Step 11

    Hi I used your instructions to replace my lamp and works great except the tv Any ideas on next move? It didn't work and the old lamp actually looks like it's not burned out. There is no sounds either so I'm thinking something else is next.


    8 years ago on Step 11

    Thanks, Brad, for your terrific instructions to replace the lamp. You saved us hundreds of dollars. I just changed it the other day but I didn't wipe the diffuser clean. We still have blue/purple marks on the screen, do you think that coould be the problem? My fingers aren't long enough to reach it, how did you manage to clean it with the micro fiber cloth? Thanks


    9 years ago on Step 11

    How much did your lamp cost??? Where could I get one the cheapest?


    10 years ago on Step 11

    Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you it was great to have step by step instructions and I found a place locally to pick-up lamp had everything fixed before my hubby came home and boy was he shocked and surprised that I did it! lol Thanks Again.


    10 years ago on Step 11

    Great set of instructions! Made an unknown process into a less than 15 minute affair from start to end. Later, off to watch my DIY repared TV.


    Reply 10 years ago on Step 11

    Hi. Im glad they helped. : ) I am actually surprised someone needed them so soon after I posted. Take care, Brad