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The moment you realize that you like the bottle of a liquor better than what's inside.

In this Instructable, I made a lamp from 2 Glass Bottles.

Almost everything in the lamp was upcycled (apart from the bulb and the bulb socket)

What Was used:

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Step 1:

First I scored a line on 2 bottles.

Then I used candle & Ice technique to split bottle in 2 pieces.

Spin the bottle on top of a candle (so the line is above the flame).

Then cool the line with ice.

Repeat as many times as necessary until the bottle splits in 2 pieces.

Alternatively you can pour hot/cold water on the line or put the bottle in hot water and then in ice bath.

I personally prefer candle and ice, so that's how I did it.

Step 2:

I sanded both bottles with silicon carbide powder.

Put some on a glass sheet and add water.

Use that slurry to sand the bottle.

Alternatively you can use a wet sandpaper.

Step 3:

I used diamond coated drill bits to drill 2 holes in the bottle.

Put the bottle in water and use a CORDLESS drill to make a hole.

I drilled a hole for the cable and a hole for the bolt.

Step 4:

I used a nozzle from a caulk/caulking tube to make a strain relief.

Step 5:

I used a scrap PVC pipe with an end cup.

Cup already had a hole drilled in it, so I made another hole in both pieces to make space for the cable.

Then I slid the pipe onto the cable and attached the light bulb socket.

Step 6:

I glued the pipe to the socket.

Step 7:

I attached the cup to the bottle with a bolt, washer and a nut.

Step 8:

I glued the cable to the nozzle/strain relief

Step 9:

Then I put it all together.

Step 10:

For decorative purpose, I added some perlite.

If you use perlite, make sure it's dry.

If you're not sure, you can dry it in the oven.

Step 11:

The design of this lamp will not let you change the bulb.

Use a bulb that claims to last for many, many years.

Good quality LED suppose to last for 5 years if you burn it 24/7.

Step 12:

Then I glued the other bottle on top.

That's it!



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    15 Discussions


    2 years ago

    What kind of clamp is that you used in Step 6?

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    An excellent Instructable that I will make if I can find the time. The steps are clear and concise, plus you gave different ways to do the same thing which is great when you have limited resources. The lamp itself is attractive, but I do have to admit that not being able to change the bulb is a bit of a weak point. While LED bulbs are great for longevity you don't have the same numbers of options with them yet (size, lumens, shape) that you have with incandescent. A minor point, but perhaps worth a mention. One thing you didn't mention is the possibility of using different colors of bottles provided they have the same diameter at a convenient place.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Yes, you are right. Maybe the fact that you can't change the bulb was not a good idea.



    2 years ago

    I have found problems with having light bulbs in an airtight container like that. The bulbs burn out quite rapidly due to the excessive heat build up. I made this kind of thing with mason jars and the bulbs only lasted 1/4 of the time they should have. After experimenting with different bulbs and wattages. I found that if i drilled several holes in the glass the bulbs lasted a long time. Even cutting the top off completely solves the problem too.

    1 reply