Lamp Hook

About: Hey guys, I'm just a kid that has a really big interest in everything that to do with electronics, technology and innovation. I joined this website to find more people like me; at my school, there aren't man...

Okay guys, so I was thinking of ways to organize small spaces and I looked at my lamp where I placed my sun glasses on. That gave me this idea. Thank you for viewing my Instructable and please vote for me in whatever contest I may enter this in. I might be entering this in the Epilogue contest and I'm pretty sure that it says to tell why you should get the laser cutter so here it is: I would use the laser cutter to improve my makerspace that I share with my friends. I would use it to continue making cool things and inventions. This would defiantly improve the maker-space because the only machines we have are two micro 3d printers (one of which broke).



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