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How to make a lamp with your favorite bottles.

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Step 1: Materials

In this case I will use these materials, but can be changed depending on the bottle and the style you want.
You can any type of bottle.

1- 1 Small Bottle of 2L or the bottle that we want.

2- 1 Tulip (Screen) of the desired color and choosing the size according to the bottle that we have chosen.

3- 1 Cable with switch (Color black if the bottle is dark, white if transparent).

4- 1 Cap, I recommend an E14 and black color if the chosen cable is black, white if it is white⚠OJO⚠ It must have a thread like the image to be able to put the tulip.

5- 1 ∅ 3 mm hollow threaded rod. (Can be found in an electricity shop).

6- Cork or synthetic cap, (I recommend synthetic as the image 4 white background). Their measurements will be according to the diameter of the nozzle of the chosen bottle.

7- 1 ∅ 9 mm Glass Drill Bit.

Step 2: We Prepare the Bottle

1- We encintamos the point where we want to realize the orifice forming an asterisco so that the drill does not move.

2- Wet the drill bit in water so it will not get hot with friction.

3- We drill no more than 10 seconds in a row so that the drill bit and the bottle are not too hot.
⚠ IMPORTANT ⚠ Put the drill in the NEVER-HITCH screwdriver mode as it may explode the bottle.

4- Perform the process of images 2 and 3 successively until the hole is drilled (image 4) and do not drill followed as indicated in step 3.

I would only clean the remains.

Step 3: We Make the Connections

1- We make a hole in the plug of the diameter of the hollow rod.

2- We glue in the hole and insert the hollow rod halfway or so, letting it protrude slightly.

3- We passed the cable through the hole in the bottle (image 3), push it to the nozzle of the bottle.

4- Once passed through the bottle ⚠INTRODUCE THE CABLE FIRST ⚠ by the hollow rod stuck in the plug.

5- Remove the bush and screw it to the hollow rod that protrudes from the plug.

6- Connect the cable to the bushing, reassemble the bushing and insert the cap into the nozzle of the bottle with a slight force to cover it, remaining as the image 3.

7- We make the positioning of the tulip in the bush (for that reason it has to be like the image in step 1 "materials").

OPTIONAL: Add a rubber grommet or insert hot silicone between the perforated glass and the cable to prevent it from moving (image 4).

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    2 years ago

    Drilling the bottle out in the open as shown is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!!! It should at least be in a protective barrel to contain explosive fragments and protect the drillers legs and body. The person holding the drill should have on at least elbow length heavy leather gloves and a full face and neck shield. And 5 seconds drilling before re-wetting every thing would probably be better. And taking the bottle to a professional glass shop so they can put the hole in it would be even better. It would probably only cost a few bucks but would definitely be more safe.

    Also, once you get the bottom cord in place, before you plug the top - you can put stuff in the bottle to hide the cord, make bottle label show up better, add decorative value, etc as long as it fits through the bottle neck.

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    Obviously with gloves I could not take pictures, but anyway sand is created and does not jump. In these small bottles is not dangerous, Thank you