Lamp-holder for Fluorescent Lights





Introduction: Lamp-holder for Fluorescent Lights


wood,, saw, 4 screws, glue , putty, color, imagination

I received a fluorescent lamp to my small plants and had nowhere to hang the lamp. So this is a design that allows you to raise the light as the plants grow . And the lamp works as a table lamp aswell when you need good light for you other projects

Step 1: Model in Sketchup

I made a model in Sketchup, and you can use any measuremente you need for your lamp. Just check the hight and width you´ll need. You need two pieces of this one.

Step 2: Draw on Wood

Choose your wood and draw the outlines of the lamp-holder. I used plywood since I already had a long piecethat was already 10 cm wide

Step 3: Grind, Grind, Grind :)

Grind until you are satisfied with your holder.

Step 4: The Foot

Pre-drill two holes in teh bottom piece and put a little glue and put the two pieces together with two screws. It does not really matter where you place the base , fluorescent lamp will provide support to the construction

Step 5: Paint

I painted mine white. And now I just wait för my plants to grow :-)



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    2 Discussions

    Simple elegant solution. I like it a lot. Heading down to the shop now.

    This is very nice! Will you eventually have more levels? Thanks for sharing!