Lamp of Epic Memories




This was a nice weekend project: To use some 10-year-old slides to make a nice lamp for my room.

Noteworthy observations:
- I used 7x7mm thick wooden rods as a frame... but would have been smarter to use 1 cm thick squares because even the smallest nails I could find split 7x7 wood and I couldn't make solid frames... however, in my case, since the lamp wasn't very large, I could get away with just using glue.
- Don't forget to take into account the slide thickness! It really matters. unless you're not looking to make solid frames. Just putting a wood stick provides good structure, and it's not terrible if the wood blocks don't form a closed structure per se.
- Using an unsymmetrical design allows for more "floors" or layers (taller thinner cone vs flatter thicker cone).
- This lamp took ~9 hours of work, 3 people. Could have been more efficient especially if we had our act together early on. :)
- Strips of paper are good at both blocking light, and connecting the "floors", providing more structure.
- Use fast-drying glue. You should anyway finish a floor and let it dry for several minutes while you work on the next floor, but using quick-drying glue gives you a lot of liberty.
- If you mix the slide colours too much, then the resultant light looks whitish/grayish... maybe smarter to do a predominant colours per side... that would give a bit more of a mood.
- I used this on my ceiling lamp because that's what I needed... but if you construct something like this and use it as a desk-lamp, it might look cooler.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I like this very much. I now need to find some slides to make my own!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Well, given the irregular shape, my step-by-step instructions would only be useful if you build this exact design... I thought I'd start by putting it up here... if "people" want a step-by-step, then I'll do it.