Introduction: Lamp

This can be done with any wooden base!!!

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:
A printer 
Letter sized card stock paper
wooden base
wooden dowl rods
glue gun 
beads for decoration 
electrical cord
light socket 

Step 2: Drilling the Hole

Choose a drill bit Depending on the thickness off the cord, before you drill make sure 
you measure to find the center,,,
If you don't have a long enough bit drill one side then the other

Step 3: The Cord

Next you will need to drill a whole on the side of the wooden base, 
and fish the light cord through the hole, once through attach the socket, 

Step 4: The Panels

Its time for the panels, choose your images print them out, I made mine all 7' by 7' but you can make them whatever size you like,
Measure and cut the wooden dowls to size to fit your prints,
connect the dowls using in my case a glue gun but you can use whatever type of adhesive, 
For the top panel added extra dowls on opposite ends,

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    Me Tea
    Me Tea

    3 years ago

    Never drill a hole this way. One of my coworker was near to finish with a hole in his knee this way. Luky him, it's just his throuser wich finish with a new hole.