Lampion Cluster Lamp

Introduction: Lampion Cluster Lamp

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In this short instructable, I want to show you a lamp I made from a light chain with little lampions!

Step 1: Prepare Lampions and Attach Strings

I had two old light chains with colourful lampions attached, but both were broken.

They had 20 lampions each, so I purchased a 40 LED chain and attached the lampions to the LEDs.

Pieces of string were attached to the cable between the lampions.

The strings were about 50cm long.

Step 2: Bundle the Lampions

To bundle the lampions into a lamp, i hung a metal ring with string from a doorframe.
(and forgot to take a picture...)

One by one, I attached the strings to the ring and adjusted the height of the lampions so they would hang at equal heights. After I was satisfied with the setup, I used a series of spiral hitch knots to tightly wrap the cable and strings into one neat bundle. The ring with the mess of knots can be cut off at this moment, the friction from the spiral hitch holds everything together.

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