Lampshade Made With Glued Yarn




Introduction: Lampshade Made With Glued Yarn

In this Project I have made a lampshade with yarn shaped like a ball. The ball shape has been made by gluing the yarn over a plastic ball and removing the ball after the glue dries. I have placed it on the table over a cardboard box with LED bulbs inside. This Lampshade can be used on occasion like Christmas and New year

Please see the video above, which my father uploaded for me in his channel

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Step 1: Materials

  • One Plastic Ball. Make sure it is very flexible and can be cut easily and taken out after the yarn dries
  • A small bundle of multi-colored yarn. You can use any left-over yarn
  • Synthetic Resin Adhesive like Fevicol

Step 2: Dip Yarn in Glue

  • Take a wide bowl and pour synthetic resin adhesive
  • If it is very thick, add little water to make it thin
  • Dip the yarn bundle in glue so that all the yarn is fully covered with glue

Step 3: Winding Over the Ball

  • Take one end of yarn and glue it firmly on the ball
  • Start winding the yarn over the ball in a criss-cross pattern

Step 4: Keep the Yarn to Dry

  • Once you are satisfied that you have made enough turns of yarn over the ball, trim excess
  • Pour remaining glue over the yarn all around and keep it in a corner without disturbance for drying

Step 5: Remove Plastic Ball From Inside

  • After the glue dries, take the ball shape and pierce the ball with a needle
  • At some places the yarn might have stuck to the ball. Insert the needle in between yarn and ball lightly and release the ball shaped yarn
  • Once the ball shaped yarn is free from the plastic ball, remove ball from inside by cutting into pieces. You can make a small opening in the dried yarn to remove pieces from inside

Step 6: Attach to Light

I will attach a multi-colored LED light with the holder on a card board box and place the Lampshade over it

  • Place the LED lighting on the ball shaped yarn and cut a hole to its size. You can extend the hole cut earlier to remove the plastic ball from inside.
  • Cut a small hole in a card board box so that the bottom portion of the lighting can be inserted through it. The electrical connections can be given to the lighting from inside the box
  • Attach light to the box and place the lampshade over it
  • Supply electrical power and enjoy the show.

This Lampshade with lighting can be used as a decorative piece during Christmas and New Year

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    2 Discussions

    I love how it just looks like a ball of yarn and then lights up! It's so cute!


    2 years ago

    I like the project. Did you do anything special to secure the ends?