This Instructables will show you how to build a lamp tester. The red led will light up if the lamp you are testing it on is not broken. I didn't invent this.

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Step 1: Parts

 To this project you will need

 2) BC 547 resistors
 one 33k ohms resistor
 one 560k ohms resistor
 one 4,7k ohms resistor
 one 330 ohms resistor
 9V battery connector
 some wire
 You might also need some tools like a Soldering iron and some soldering tin.

Step 2: Circuits.

T1 and T2 are the resistors.
R4 is 330 ohm
R3 is 4,7k ohm
R2 is 560k ohm
R1 is 33k ohm

Step 3: Assembly

star by either building a circuit board or just soldering the parts freely together.
 If you built the circuit board start soldering the parts on the board and make sure that the parts don't  touch the other parts.


Step 4: How to Use

To use the lamptester  put the testing wires on the lamp, polarity does'nt matter
if the led lights upp the lamp works.
Avoid touching the wires with your hand's the device is very sensitive.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I'm more interested in your circuit board than what you've done with it. Could you post another instructable on how to build circuits in this way (unknown)?