Land Rover Discovery 2 Air Suspension Wabco Compressor Removal.



It is very common that the piston ring seal within the Wabco compressor wears down reducing compressor performance leading to noisy, slow rising or even inactive air suspension. This guide shows how to remove the compressor so that the piston ring can be replaced using our repair kit, available from us X8R Ltd.

First, depressurize the SLS air system.

After depressurization, approximately 1 bar (15 2) air pressure remains in the system.

WARNING: Ensure the air suspension system is made safe before commencing work. Otherwise the chassis may lower onto the bump stops during repair.

1. Raise rear of vehicle.

WARNING: Do not work on or under a vehicle supported only by a jack. Always support the vehicle on safety stands.

2. Disconnect the height sensor multiplug.

3. Remove bolt securing height sensor link to radius arm.

4. Remove 2 bolts securing height sensor to chassis and remove height sensor.

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Step 1:

1. Release 2 fasteners and remove air compressor unit cover

2. Remove 2 bolts securing air compressor unit to chassis.

Release unit and lower onto blocks to support the weight.


Step 2:

1. Noting their fitted position, disconnect pipes from air valves

CAUTION: Always fit plugs to open connections to prevent contamination.


Step 3:

1. Disconnect inlet and exhaust pipes.

CAUTION: Always fit plugs to open connections to prevent contamination

Step 4:

1. Disconnect multiplugs from air valves, exhaust valve and compressor.

2. Release and disconnect compressor multiplug from casing.



Step 5:

1. Remove air compressor unit from vehicle.

2. Release supply/exhaust pipe.

3. Remove 3 bolts securing compressor to casing. Remove compressor and collect mounting washers.

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