How to Make My Landscape Drawing



Introduction: How to Make My Landscape Drawing

This is a Drawing I did. I would call in a surrealist drawing mixed with a realism drawing. This is hand drawn. I got the idea from a picture I took. The medium I used was colored pencils. I like the drawing and think I did pretty good on it. I have some steps to what I drew below in the next step.

Step 1: Steps I Took

First I printed off a picture I took in black and white and sketched a grid on it. I next sketched a grid just about 6 times the size of the grid I have on the picture on a piece of cardstock. I than hand drew a pencil sketch of the picture. Next I started drawing in the drawing. The materials I used were,
1. Colored Pencils-Primsa Brand
I used primsa because it is the best, but also does not leave marks that are noticeable by the naked eye like Crayola. I am not saying Crayola is bad, but I prefer Primsa Brand. They are expensive though.

The finished product turned out nice and liked it a lot.

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