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I wish you a merry geek-mas

I wish you a merry geek-mas

I wish you a merry geek-mas and a happy new year!

So the holidays are upon us and something I've always liked are the lights, in fact I like them year round but they do get so much more common around December. This year however I was seeing quite a few geek lights, Disney is selling some Jack Skellington ones, and Think Geek had some R2D2, Companion Cube, and Yoda lights.

Lovely though those are, they are rather expensive and small! Also because they are made by companies lesser known fandoms don't really get any attention. Once I had decided that I needed some geeky holiday lights I knew exactly what I wanted them to be in honor of.

These are in honor of the Lantern Corps from the DC comic universe. You get major bonus points if you knew that there were other Lantern Corps besides the Green Lantern Core. For those that don't know there are as many Lantern Corps as there are colors, feelings, and aspects of life.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

1. Template, next step along with some notes.

2. 18-20 gauge wire

3. Needle Nose Pliers

4. Wire Cutters

5. Scissors

6. Tissue Paper

7. Sharpies, or any kind of permanent marker

8. Modge Podge or Elmers glue

9. Small container to water Modge Podge down in

10. LED holiday lights available here

11. Thin Cardboard, I recommend cracker or cereal boxes.

12. Masking Tape

13. Pencil


So I found these image here which are awesome because they're so clean and are really easy to trace through the tissue paper. You want to resize those images so that each symbol has a diameter of 2" that way they fit really well on your lantern.

However, say you are not a fan of the Lantern Corps, there are million options here. I thought about doing all of the pokeballs and honestly I really hope someone does, I want to see it! Someone with more drawing talent than I could do a string of Eevee and evolutions lights. I also almost ending up doing a string of cutie marks.

Also let it be known these don't have to be circles, using scoring and precise folding you could create whatever kind of shapes you want for your lanterns. If another instructable is wanted on how to create more precise shapes just comment below and I'll whip one up.

Step 3: Follow the Video!

There you have my super geeky holiday lights. Due to the fact that I actually have a ton of LED lights left on the same string I am planning to just add to them when I get the chance. It might end up being just DC, or it could be a really random amalgamation. Depends on whether or not I get to see someone else do the Pokeballs one.

I really hope you give this a try, it's pretty simple and I'm in love with the effect that I have in my living room, they are never coming down...

If you make some geeky lanterns I want to see them! First 10 people to show me their geeky lanterns gets 3 months of PRO membership! 10/10 3 month PRO memberships are left.

If you make a full string of Pokeballs and show me you get 1 year! 1/1 1 year PRO memberships are still left!

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    Nope the DC comic Lantern Corps. The Amtgard although awesome is not a hobby of mine. Also I thought they only claimed the Green Lantern symbol as their own.