Lantern Light




How to make a nice lantern light!

Step 1: Supplies

All you'll need:
-$5 bird feeder from Michaels
-IKEA lamp
-Paint (I used oil paints, but acrylics would work nice too)

Step 2: Cut Hole in Bird Feeder

Use a drill/screwdriver to drill enough holes to break open a hole a bit bigger than the lightbulb. It's okay if the hole isn't perfect because the black washer you'll screw on with the light will cover the sides of the hole. Once done, screw in the light and washer to the lamp socket.

Step 3: Paint Lantern

This is where you can personalize this light. Use any color scheme you'd like!

Step 4:



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    1 year ago

    I am building a vardo camping trailer and in the market for gothic style lights. I searched Michael's and found and ordered the bird feeders for$4.99 just like you said! There will be two of these on the rear of the trailer as soon as I receive them. Thanks!

    1 reply