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Introduction: Lanyard Bracelet

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I really like lanyards and no one has a bracelet all they have those rubber band bracelets. I have art class and my teacher has recently gave us this lanyard assignment. Lets all do something!

Step 1: Get the Materials

You would first get these list of materials:

•2-3 choices of color lanyard strands
•a clip for lanyards (my choices were white,baby blue, and neon yellow)
•the basic weaving start of a box style lanyard
•hot glue gun
•hot glue gun sticks

Step 2: Choose the Colors You Want

This is pretty hard step I had trouble picking which colors i want, until I found a cool cardigan with some really awesome color combinations. I decided that's the one I wanna do. Cut the desired length make sure it's enough to wrap around your wrist ankle or whatever.

Step 3: The Box Method

This is my favorite ( and only ) one i can do.
Since I can't really explain or really teach people to do I have two links that are really useful for beginners:

Make sure to put the clip on.

Step 4: Sizeing

Keep on doing the box method until you get your desired length. Cut the ends to tiny lengths of string and tuck them inside of the box. Hot glue them in like a band and make sure it doesn't come off. Wait for it to dry.Or (this one is for the circular method) get the clip put it through your band( a little bit bigger than your wrist ) and hot glue it on.

Step 5: Strut Your Stuff

You spent a lot of time making that show that to friends,family or workers. This is a "crowd" stopper.

Thank you for looking at my instructable. Many more on the way. Look out for my Olaf Snow-globe coming soon! :D

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    Next time start your bracelet off as a double sided stitch.... That way you can finish the bracelet with a seamless stitch. You need the clip.