Lanyard DIY #ferociousdoughnuts

This is a project on making a lanyard. Im showing how to make the regular style one. If you want, you can make it into a keychain. (The picture is the regular one).

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

The first thing you should do is buy lanyard string. It is sold at many different arts and crafts store. A suggestion would be Michael's. The next set of materials you will need is a pair of scissors. That is really the only materials you need, rulers are optional if you want to get exact lengths of string.

Step 2: Beginning the Lanyard

First you want to start off by cutting 3 to 5 feet of lanyard of two different colors each . For the first color you want to loop it twice around your index finger. Make sure that both loops are even. Then you want to get your second string, and put that under, and through the two loops. Then you want to get that same color string you just went under with. This time pass over the first loop, and under the second loop. Then you do the same thing on the opposite side. Go over the first loop, and under the second. The pull really tight. It should make a square shape.

Step 3: Making the Actual Pattern

Now that you have started your lanyard, you need to do the same pattern until the end. Like in the picture on this step the string should be out like that, and you should have a little square. Then you would want to get the string closes to you, and put it on the exact same side farthest from you. Then you want to get the one farthest from you, and put it on the same side closest to you. This should make two loops. Then you want to get the other string while holding the loops. With this string, make the one on the left go over the loop closest, and under the loop farthest. Then you would get the one on the right, and make it go over the right loop, and under the left. Once you do that pull tight. Do that same pattern until you barely have any string. Then you can cut of the unnecessary string.



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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Looks like a teacher is having kids post stuff then using ferocious donuts as a way to look up the projects. Looks like 2nd grade stuff.


    4 years ago

    Yeah, why are a good bit of the most recent instructables using this '#ferociousdonuts'?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Great job on your first Instructable! I like the black and white color scheme that you chose for your lanyard. What are ferocious doughnuts?