Laptop Charger Case



The problem is that the laptop charger takes up to much space in my backpack to carry around. I chose this problem because it would make my charger more mobile since I do not like carrying big bulky things. The solution is a case for the charger since there are cases for the actual laptop why not the charger. The charger would go into the case and the wires would wrap around it because untangling the charger wire is annoying.

Material list
wood in pole form
Medium size bag
super glue and wood glue

Step 1:

First measure the wood with the ruler. You will need a piece that is 4x1, 3x1.5, and 4x6. Not a lot of wood is required for this project. After you made the measurements cut the pieces of wood. 

Step 2:

The pole that is made from wood you need to measure an inch of it and cut it off. 

Step 3:

Use the wood glue to glue the shorter pieces on the the larger piece. You glue it in a form similar to the letter "U". The piece that you cut from the pole is glue in front of the opening of the "U".  

Step 4:

Use the scissors to cut off any additional fabric in the bag. You would want the bag to be as empty of additional fabric as possible because it might take up to much space. 

Step 5:

Glue the wood down onto the bag. Now you are finish and can enjoy your charger bag.



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