Laptop Charger Heatsink!





Introduction: Laptop Charger Heatsink!

Has your Laptop Charger been too hot to handle, not any more with this free, and effective heatsink?! With this instructable I will show you how to make a heatsink to draw heat and keep your charger cool!

Step 1: Gather Materials

What you will need:

1. Soda Can
2. Scissors
3. Laptop Charger
4. Rubber Band

Step 2: Prepare the Can

Remove the soda(method of doing so is up to you!)
Wash the can out
start cutting along the top and bottom and middle like in the pictures

Step 3: Form Metal to Charger

Wrap metal around charger
then take the excess and bend back

Step 4: Make Flaps

Use the scissors to make many cuts in the flaps of the metal!

Step 5: Last Step

Use rubber band to attach the heat sink to the charger
Feel Free to leave comments, please be easy, this is my first instructable!



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    12 Discussions

    If you are going to do this, you might as well go all the way. Can aluminum is way to thin. Break out the heat pipes and do this =)

    4 replies

    What's the little brass tubing for? Does it have some fluid inside?
    Otherwise i think it would be kinda ineffective, no?

    It conducts the heat "transferring" it to an external heat sink to dissipate more heat. But this does seam like a bit of an over kill.

     That is called a heatpipe.  I pulled the heatpipe and the heatsink attached to it from an old laptop, and they are extremely efficient at transferring heat.

    I hope this works, i left a dark spot on my dad's girlfriends couch, i may just try a regular processor heatsink.

    This is actually a really good idea, you could probably fry an egg on my charger LOL

    Wouldn't a simpler (and ready-made) solution be just to strap the charger to the chrome on the stool?

    Good idea, but the tin is too thin to dissipate the heat. Also, I agree with killerjackalope: you have a problem with the battery and/or the charger.

    Nice idea, but now instead of being too hot to pick up it will cut your hand to shreds.

    Good idea, however heatsinking the actual hot components would work way better, then again if it's that bad I'd worry about it, I've had transformers get hot but not too much to pick up... The components making most of the heat may be the power transistors, or the coils...