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You need to watch this video until its end. for understanding the video.

Step 1: CPU Cooling Fan

You need 5, 12V CPU Cooling Fans

you can buy CPU fan it from here:

Step 2: Fan Connection

Connect all CPU Fan's in Parallel.

Step 3: You Will Need a USB Cable for Power

You can use old Micro USB to USB Cable

Step 4: Cut the Cable

Cut the cable and after tha you will need only two wires

1. Black [GND]

2. Red [+5v]

Step 5: Connections

Connect the +ve of the USB to the +ve of the fan

and -ve to the -ve of the fan.

Step 6: Measure the Fan Voltage.

I have connected the USB to the power bank and then I measured the voltage.

it is about 4.7 v not 12v

Step 7: So, We Need Step Up Boost Converter

It will increase the voltage to our need Voltage 12V

Step Up Boost Converter:

Step 8: Boost Converter Connection

Connect the vin +ve and -ve to the USB cable

and also connect outgoing wires.

Step 9: Voltage Adjustment

Now Rotate the Potentiometer of the Boost converter And Take it to 12v

Step 10: Connection With Fans

Now Connect boost converter outgoing wires to the fan.

Step 11: You Can See the Fan Is Rotating at Its Max Speed.

it will cool down your pc faster than you buy online for cooling pad

Step 12: Ready for Using



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    9 Discussions


    Question 4 months ago on Step 1

    I have 4 fans of three types. 3 from SMPS and one from motherboard. Motherboard fan 12VDC 60A, DC12v 0.14A, DC 12v 0.18A, DC12v 0.13A. mynquestion is can i use these fans for this project? ihave the step up boost converter. I know nothing about these kinda stuff but wanted to try this project out


    1 year ago

    I like this use of the step up converter. Also I can see how it would be easy to shorten the screws and add rubber feet for safer and easier tabletop use. I dont imagine using this type of laptop cooler on the road or when it is not plugged in but I am sure it draws power mucn more quickly from a 3.7v power pack.

    1 reply
    Creative creatorMicroNut99

    Reply 1 year ago

    Yaa you are right buddy
    It will work quite a lot with 10000mah power bank i know the losses of voltage conversation but all in all it is a handy project.
    Thanks for reading my post.


    1 year ago

    It looks quite cool, literally. However - did you measure the current draw? Especially the peak draw could be quite high. I would be worried when the Notebook stays cool, but the board gets toasted anyway by the current. ;)

    1 reply
    Creative creator-Skar-

    Reply 1 year ago

    Yes, You are right I have measured the current it was about 1.8 amp with boost converter and 0.7A without boost converter So I use my PowerBank or Phone Charger to operate it. For the video i Just Showed it was working.

    when you will connect with step-up boost converter then it takes about 1.8A current so better to use an external power bank or any phone charger. if you want to use with laptop power then don't use step-up converter just directly connect USB to fans and it will take 0.7A [0.14x5=0.7]

    **Speed Will be slow


    1 year ago

    Looks good, but I feel it stands too high off the table in the front. The back legs can stay that height. But, I would use very short bolts for the front legs, so that the front of the laptop rises only a quarter inch above the table. Therefore, it helps it to put your laptop on an angle so it's easier on and more natural for your wrists.

    1 reply
    Creative creatorLydiaT2

    Reply 1 year ago

    Yes, you are right, I have used short bolts at first but it was too much slippery so the laptop falls down so, I had to use some type of rubber or something else for friction but that time I don't have that. so, i used same bolts.

    thanks for viewing...