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This is a very simple Laptop Cooling Stand that you could make yourself in a couple of hours. Another plus of making one is it is completely customizable to your laptop and your imagination. This is one of the reasons I Made one myself because i could make it the exact size I wanted and also make It as sturdy as it needed to be. Just look up laptop cooling Stands on the internet and you will find hundreds but most won't be as good a homemade one. The $15 ones might work but not for long and are made of cheap plastic and poor quality fans that cost cents to the company. If you make it  yourself I will say that you will be way more happy! 

First off you will need:
  1. A base material( I used some really thin mdf hanging around but plywood works to)
  2. A Computer Cooling fan( I Picked up the one in the picture for $10 at Radioshack)
  3. A AC-DC adaptor that matches the power requirements of your fan
  4. Switch (lighted or not)
  5. 2 wood wedges that you cut out
  6. And little rubber feet (this is optional but the stand might slip on the surface of a table if you don't have them)
The tools that you will need will be up to you but I used a table saw,  drill press, a finish nailer, and a soldering iron

Step 1: Figure Out Your Plan

It is wise to draw out your plan on a piece of paper. This means planning out your dimensions of the surface your laptop will sit on and the angle at which it will be. Also plan in enough room for the fan to fit under the structure. Fan placement is key in this step because you want your fan in the area of the processor or near vent holes on your laptop. This forces air to keep moving inside your device thus cooling it down. My fan Is placed right under a big vent hole thats why it just happens to be in the middle.

Step 2: The Electrical Stuff

Okay so you have your base built and then you have to add the electronics. This is about as simple as wiring gets. If you have a lighted switch like me no problem you can clearly see how to wire it in the pictures below so that it will light. Look at the captions in the pictures for this step.
A multimeter can also help determine in this step the positive and negative leads coming from the transformer but if you don't have one, the positive wire is usually the one with the white stripe. One more thing about the led fans is that the leds will only work if you wire the fan correctly in the correct polarity so just make sure you mock everything up before soldering.

Step 3: And You Are Finished

Finally place the Laptop on the stand and flip the switch. Now you can do whatever  you want from this point on like paint it but I decided I liked the natural wood color. 
Thank you very much for viewing my instructable and I hope this might help you build your own! Please Comment and Favorite(: And if you have any Questions I will surely Answer them(: Happy tinkering



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    6 Discussions


    4 years ago on Step 3

    This is a great tutorial except the fan choice could've been a lot better. I would pick up a larger premium pc cooling fan. Silverstone ap181 would've been perfect.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks! I wasnt looking to spend to much on this project so the $10 fan from radio shack was fine for me.


    4 years ago

    easy to make looks simple works awesome


    4 years ago

    Amazing, built one and I love it


    5 years ago on Step 3

    Great idea this is going to be my weekend project thank you much Jacqueline