Laptop Cooling No USB BullS...!

NO USB BS!! Very important!! Because I, myself, wile looking for a DIY to make a good laptop cooler, was tiered of finding stuff on the internet about it but all USB, USB only gives 3V to the fans, I have a commercial one like that, it doesn't make a dent on the heat a Laptop produces wile playing something that really needs the graphic card, so, old stuff (old Legos + PC fans + on/off switch + variable transformer) and new solder wire and now I have something to aid my laptop needs.
Sorry it´s only a few photos of my Prototype but to undo end redo wile taking photos it's a big ass toothache! I have LEGO Digital Designer so I´ll try do make a Mark I to post here the photos and the file.
Any ideas, say so.




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