Laptop Money Stash





Introduction: Laptop Money Stash

Almost every laptop bought these days has an express card slot. unfortunately, this slot usually goes unused. If you laptop comes with a "dummy card" in the express card slot, you can use it to stash emergency money. Most dell laptops come with a plastic "dummy card" in the slot, which is perfect for the following instructable. I used a dell inspiron 6000/e1505 as my laptop.

Step 1: Fold the Money

Firstly, fold your money into a square/rectangle that will fit under your card. compare the folded bill to the space under it. the following fold should be fine for most cards. if not, fold your bill a different way and modify the next step accordingly.

for my dell dummy express card, i had to fold my Canadians 20$ in half 3 times. check in the pictures.

Step 2: Create the Envelope

once you have your bill folded and compared to your card, we need to make the envelope to hold it securely under the card. for this step, draw the attached template onto a sheet of paper, changing the lengths according to your folded bill. in my case, the rectangles of my template were 3.9 cm by 4.3 cm.

Step 3: Fold the Paper

Fold the paper into a rectangle. fold the two big rectangles together, then use the two smaller ones to close the edges. you should have an envelope, open on one side. both folds should be on the same side of the envelope, this will reduce the chances of the tape falling off in your computer (you will see in the next step).

Step 4: Install the Envelope

put paper bill into the envelope to see if it fits. Tape the envelope under the card, the side without the tape facing out. By taping the envelope onto the card this way, you eliminate the chances of the envelope falling apart. the final step is to slide the card into your computer, and voila!

I use this as a hold for emergency money incase i run out of cash at school. most people keep money someone in their cars, but since i don't own a car i keep my money in my laptop. also, you don't have to worry about losing the money, because no one will ever know that there is money in there unless you told someone.



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    43 Discussions

    I hate Dell i am in no way a fan boy I am just willing to pay the price for apple because they have what I deem to be quality products please tell me that I did not just start an argument cool project by the way

    1 reply

    mac's are a ripoff for the computer costed the same as a mac and i got 10x the power, and more options for the price. but i think that dell sucks too!

    Great idea. Nowadays laptops costing below 200 dollars also have a slot for these SD memory cards.
    However, I do not see any extensive use of the technique though. Not even to save your money from burglars( since the they would rob the laptop anyway).

    yeah but if im a burgerler im going to walk in and steal that dell inspirion 1520 laptop and then find the money in it !!

    not a bad idea but on my laptop the battery is just a bit bigger than a bill so i just keep a 50$ and a 100$ bill under the battery might be a good idea for those who just a remote and no dummy or no slot at all :Þ

    this is a great idea! my laptop comes with a remote control and it has a slot designated for it, but I never use the remote. it also came with a little space holder in case you dont want to use the remote, it would be perfect for holding cash.

    I ordered an ibook. I got it and I heard something rattling around in it. It turned on and worked fine. After about a week of owning it I tipped it on its side with the optical drive open. There was 15 cents stored inside of the opitcal drive.

    2 replies

    Great. So now if my laptop gets stolen, I'm COMPLETELY screwed. Heh. Nice idea though.

    2 replies

    That's exactly what I was thinking. Actually, reminds me of the mouse that fold up and stores in the extra card slot.