Laptop "Pro" Cooling Mount

This instructable will show you how to make a cool/convenient mount for any laptop and any display/tv. I was inspired by mattlumpkin's "MacBook/iMac Rack Hack" instructable (link here I thought this was a great idea but had one flaw that bothered me, overheating. I have been using a large display alongside a wireless mouse and keyboard for a while now with my MacBook Pro, everything worked stellar until I noticed that my MBP was overheating and I figured it was designed to cool whilst the Mac was open. So I simultaneously created this rack which hides my computer, saving space and making my desk more aesthetically pleasing, and a cooling pad to solve the overheating problem. 

Step 1:

This is what you will need:
-Cooling Pad (or fan, whatever you can get a hold of)
-File Rack
-Small phillips screwdriver
-Wire Cutters
-Larger philips screwdriver
-Your Macbook/Laptop
-TV that is larger then the computer (derp)

*Alternatively you could do this entire project with a decent multitool. I used a Leatherman Wingman, as it has all tools mentioned above. 

Step 2:

Start by disassembling the cooling pad and removing the fan using the small philips screwdriver. 

*I realize that all cooling pads will be different but I fdound this one to be universally simple to deconstruct.

Step 3:

Next, cut the wire mesh (with the wire cutters) on a single side of the file rack. Make sure it is the side to which you will be plugging in your cords for your computer (power, usb, aux). It is very important to make sure you only cut the mesh as the outer steel rim provides structural integrity for the rack. 

After this is complete, make sure to spend a generous amount of time filing all of the sharp steel bits left over. If you do not, your computer could be scratched (and nobody wants that) 

Step 4:

Next, trace the hole on the front side of the rack where the fan will be. Of course you could keep the rack intact, but I wanted to maximize the amount of airflow reaching my MacBook Pro. Cut the circle with the wire cutters. You may then choose to file down the sharp bits of loose wire or you may bend them outward to appropriate the computer. 

Then, you may use the screws or nuts/bolts from the cooling pad to attach the fan to the rack. Or, you may use more appropriate bits, depending on preference. It is imperative that the screw heads are facing inward, towards the inside of the rack. Also, make sure the wire for the fan is facing the hole you cut in the side of the rack.  

*To prevent the screw heads from potentially scratching the computer (although it is unlikely, given the angle at which the computer will be resting), you should cover the screw heads with some electrical tape. Or, if you are feeling really fancy use "Snap Cap Screw Covers" (which is what I did). 

Step 5:

Attach your rack to the back the the TV using the stock bracket holes and whatever size bolt those holes require. 

Insert computer

Plug in cords

You now have a laptop mount and cooling rack all in one, enjoy :) 



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