Laptop Shelf - Using Keter Alpha

Intro: Laptop Shelf - Using Keter Alpha

No place to put your work laptop? No problem!

This instructable shows how to convert Keter's Alpha drawer into a laptop drawer/shelf

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Step 1: Cut It!

Take the actual drawer out.

Then shorten the "legs" of the shelf, so the laptop will fit.

You could leave it at it is, but then it takes too much space.

Step 2: (optional) 3D Print Adapters for the "pegs"

If you'd like to keep the original design, then fabricate the adapters.

Otherwise, just glue the two parts together.

Step 3: Glue the Adapters

Fit the adapters into the top part of the shelf, the insert the lower part.

Now, glue it together.


I started with liquid epoxy, then when it didn't work I welded the plastic with a soldering iron, and used some solid epoxy on that. That thing doesn't like to stick!

Step 4: Install and Insert Laptop

Good looking, isn't it?



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