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If you are a mac user, you should know how dangerous to use the mac on the bed. Last month I damaged the logicboard because of the over heat. It took my whole day to fix it. Then I decided to built a stand to prevent further damages. I wanted to make it in cheapest, and easiest way. that's why I chose a wooden hanger.


Step 1: Material and Equipments

A wooden hanger.
Sandpaper or sponge

These materials are what I used to make my laptop stand. For sure you might need different materials for different hanger.

Step 2: Taking Off Metal Parts, Marking, Cutting.

I was lucky that my hanger has a 8mm diameter stick to hang trousers. I used that part to hold the legs together. Cut the hanger in the middle for your stand's legs equally and cut the stick shorter then your laptops' width.

Step 3: Smooth the Surface, Drill and Paste

After you cut the legs, you will need a sandpaper or sponge to make the surface smoother. I drilled the legs in the middle and pasted the stick with some glue. If you want your design more durable, you should add one more stick as well. The hole in the last 4th,5th photo is optional. I put rubber bumpers to prevent laptop slide.

Step 4: Result



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    Made one (quick and sloppy version) to try out as my laptop runs pretty hot. The wood on the hanger got pretty hot after 20 minutes, and I would consider doing a coat of automotive spray paint for safety due to the heat resistance. Really like the simple, straightforward design though. Definitely going to be making a new one to use soon!

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    Reply 4 years ago

    Yes, but the model I have blows the hot air pretty forcefully, so that small buffer is negligible. Plus, I like the look of a nice paint job.

    Does the wood directly touch the laptop ? Did you try to put something (like a gasket) between them? If no, try to put something like this


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nice 'ible. I have been thinking about a laptop stand for awhile now as my computer has been heating up the desktop. Like the wooden aspect of the project...I like the contrast of organic material and modern tech.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    That's clever. Do you get enough air circulation there? A great upgrade would ne to add a USB fan to this to get max cooling.

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    Yes I do. Even on the bed there is at least one inch distance to get air. I will think about USB fan cooler, I have many empty space under the laptop for add ons.


    4 years ago

    intuitive, very good