Laptop Stickerbomb

You will need:



-Exacto Knife


-Extra Stickers - (I bought a pack of 100 random stickers off Amazon for $5)

-Sticker Paper - (I used standard (8x11) sticker paper from Staples)

Step 1: Download Your Images

Find your images first to save on time!

Try to find things with solid-color backgrounds. Think of your likes, hobbies, childhood, ect..

*I recommend you find some images with a white sticker border, it's good to have a mix.(Just insert the word "sticker" in your searches)

Step 2: Create Your Cover

Create your cover in Photoshop.

I have provided a video tutorial to help you with this.

Remember to put every image in its' own layer!

*I forgot to include the eraser tool in the tutorial, however, it's pretty self explanatory. The eraser can be found on the left hand toolbar, and is useful for tidying up images.

Step 3: Print Your Photoshop Masterpiece

Get your cover printed on sticker paper

I went to Staples. They charge $0.58 per copy if you bring your own paper.

*I recommend getting a backup print

Step 4: Print Meets Laptop

Cut out and apply your print to your laptop

  1. Cut the border off your print
  2. Peel of the sticky back of the print
  3. Apply it to your device

Make sure the print is right-ways-up when the laptop is open

Don't be nervous about applying the print to your laptop, it's easier than you think!

*You have a back-up print anyways...right?

Step 5: Cover the Edges

Add real stickers to the edges and cover all remaining surface.

You might need to position and eyeball everything before committing to sticking.

*I cut out the white borders from some stickers, to match the 'bordered/border-less' mix of images in my print.

Step 6: Stickers Applied

After you apply the stickers it should look something like this.

You're almost there now.

*Let's give it a haircut...

Step 7: Haircut

Use your exacto-knife and cut around the edges of your laptop

Take your time, use long smooth cuts.

*Try to keep the blade at a 90 degree angle, be careful around corners!

Step 8: Finished!

Well Done!

Enjoy owning a cool laptop!

*May induce jealousy at Starbucks.



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    2 years ago

    Excellent custom laptop skin! I love the crazyness with how it looks!