Laptop Table




It's not so comfortable to use the laptop sitting in the armchair and without a table or something. I've thinked about a solution, what is simple, cheap and useful.

Step 1: Planning

So I opened my favorite program, SketchUp and started to draw. With the tape measure I collected some dimensions and after a few minutes the simple sketch was ready.

Step 2: In the Workshop

Unfortunatly I don't have yet a normal working space, just a table and some simple tools. But for this project it was enough. So I've cutted a piece of wooden board to the correct dimensions, I've rounded the edges with my router and I've prepared the montage with bisquit jointer and glue together all the pieces. After it was totally dry, comes the preparing of the surfaces by burning. Finally I've varnished all with water based something.

Step 3: The Result

So this is the result, without and with my laptop. In this way I can sit in the armchair and the laptop is not on my legs, but on this new support. It's more comfortable now.



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