Laptop Feet With Oogoo

Introduction: Laptop Feet With Oogoo

Having to work on a laptop for a bunch of hours uninterruptedly may lead your computer to overheat. Having that in mind, I've decided to put the amazing Oogoo to yet another good use and made myself some laptop feet. Hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: Materials

  • 1,7mm thick MDF of other type of wood/wood based composites;
  • 22mm wood drill;
  • Vertical Stand (no required, but useful);
  • Silicone (for Oogoo);
  • Corn starch (for Oogoo);
  • Plastic cup;
  • Ice cream chop steak;
  • OPTIONAL: food coloring;

Step 2: Making the Templates

For making the templates to mold the Oogoo, I took my Vertical Press that I've build following the great instructable: Easy Mini Drill Press, and just drilled some 22mm holes on a 1,7mm thick scrap MDF board that I had lying around from a previous project.

Step 3: Mold the Oogoo

For making Oogoo you just simply have to mix silicone with corn starch. After having tried several combinations, I've concluded that mixing 1:1 ratio results in a good consistency result.

I've made my Oogoo white, but you can add food coloring to yours if you want a personalized result. Just make sure that you first mix the food coloring with the silicone, and only after that you add the corn starch, otherwise you will have a hard time getting a homogeneous color result.

Step 4: Final Result

After waiting 1hour or so, (I left mine overnight), just push the cured Oogoo pieces out of the mold and your done!

I've been using this feet for some weeks now and the only inconvenient that I've came across is the need to adjust all four feet when I have the need to turn the laptop, but I've solved this by sticking small pieces of double face duct tape to the feet so that the stick to the laptop.

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