Laptop Holder

Introduction: Laptop Holder

My startingpoint:

Take your laptop and measure the width and depth. After that you can determine the width of the laptop holder you want to have. For example, I counted 5 cm on both sides, so my laptop holder will be smaller for a total of 10 cm.

After that you determine the angle of de laptop holder, which slant you want to apply to the laptop holder for a comfortable position.
All this information you write down and adjust to your drawing. You can model it 2D or 3D, it depends on your skills.

I have drawn in Illustrator, exactly to size. The bites in the middle of the drawing are the sliding parts where the laptop holder comes together. Customize this also to the thickness of your material First I printed out a 1:1 scale model to see if the dimensions are actually correct.

Make sure your cut lines a 0,01 mm and RED (RGB 255-0-0)
Drag your drawing as coles as possible to the left top of your dashboard, to save materials.

In addition, I also put in my own logo to label the product. In principle, at every machine there is a manual. Look closely and follow the instructions before you start your finally laser cutting..

Material: Triplex
Thickness: 3mm

Laser cut machine: Trotec - Speedy 300 Laser Engraver

Setting machine:

Before you start lasering, set the cutting data. Please note the following:

Cutting  - Power 50,00 - Speed 0,70 - Passages 2

The other details are less important and you do not have to change them.

It depends on the thickness and stiffness of the material how often you should get over it (passages). I used 2 passages before the material was fully cut. It may happen that you will need to cut more often. In that case, please ensure that you do not move the material.

Finally I sprayed my laptop holder black, so it will be less noticeable because my laptop that is also black.

*The original has 3 different heights. I took the same drawing but made the 2 elements a little bit longer so you can't adjust height anymore but have one strict height.
* Watch out with logo types or symbols. The middle of some letter will also fall out. Use stencil letters.

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